Director's Message


"When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you'll be successfull."

Digital Marketing Course

Akash Sangwan

Dear Students,


The National Institute of Internet Marketing is an institution that holds democratic and secular values.

NIIM was founded with the vision of delivering quality training in the courses of digital marketing.NIIM aims to provide high-quality digital marketing training to all those who are desperate to fly high in their careers by equipping them with the latest and industry oriented training.

We nurture students in a way so that they could be equipped with essential skills to compete with others successfully from around the world.

The Institute has developed an effective environment which has immensely appealed the students and so has remained the most looked for by students interested in digital marketing courses. NIIM provides technology-based integrated and inclusive education in a disciplined, dynamic, vibrant and hygienic environment. We believe in nurturing student's skills by taking care of their individual needs and for that, all possible means are used.

We promote quality advanced digital marketing courses that would harness your skills in a way so that you would become able to contribute to your career and society.

We believe that students have the potential that could drive any country towards the path of continuous development and that could only be done if the students will get the opportunity to exploit their talent. We believe that each and every student is special and so their individual needs to be taken care. National Institute of internet marketing takes every necessary step to equip with excellent technical skills that would ultimately lead you to the step of the success ladder.

We invest our trust in you. There are robust challenges that are going to come in the path of your career ladder and we believe that our continuous efforts to provide you the best skills will help you to taste the sweetest fruits of success in your coming life. This year too, we welcome the students to join the NIIM network to carry forward the legacy of this institution.

I convey my good wishes to all those who are aspiring to get admitted to NIIM.

With Best Wishes,

Akash Sangwan