What are the reasons of high bounce rate and how can we improve it?

What are the reasons of high bounce rate and how can we improve it?

Bounce rate could be defined as the percentage of site visitors that land on your website and decide to leave before viewing a second page and it is typically used as a measurement of a website’s overall engagement. Bounce rate could be calculated as a measurement of a website’s overall engagement and the rate is calculated by total number of one-page visits divided by the total number of entries to a website. You should get the in-depth knowledge of bounce rate in “The best institute of professional digital marketing course”.

Causes behind high bounce rate

  1. Slow page load time is the biggest reason behind high bounce rate as if your site will take time to get open in more than 4 seconds then it will definitely lead to high bounce rates. There are several reasons behind which slow down your landing pages such as using the cheapest hosting, adding a few oversized images that can’t be downloaded quickly, using too many images can distract from the copy on your page and cause too many requests on each page load, use custom fonts that must be downloaded before anyone can even read the page, adding a lot of fancy sliders and Javascripts and etc.
  2. If your site is ad supported then make sure that these ads must be relevant to the visitors and related to the material on the page and also intrusive advertisements will reduce the reputation of your landing pages and may diminish the value of your content in the eyes of your visitors.
  3. If visitors coming to your site and not getting the relevant information they are seeking for then it will lead to high bounce rate as the visitor will leave your page in just few seconds.
  4. Be aware about sending your message to the target audience and your target audience must be specific. For example if you are selling products which is only meant for small children and targeting the teenagers too in your advertisements then it will only lead to high bounce rate.
  5. If the pages of your website are full of grammatical and spelling mistakes then it will certainly lead to high bounce rate.
  6. If your website is filled with a lot of low quality content which is hard to understand for the visitors then they will switch to other sites. So, it should be in your mind that whatever you produce it must communicate that you understand the problem of your visitors and have solution for them.
  7. If you are asking for too much information then you are actually not going to help your visitors as they will get irritated and will switched to another site.
  8. If you are using a lot of attention grabbing images then these will steal the show from your call to action.

Here are the steps that you can take to reduce bounce rates and improve conversions

  • Make your content readable for your target customers as it will enhance your user experience. You can make your content readable and engaging by using subheadings to throw more light on your topic, using bullet points, using plenty of charts, images, screenshots and quotes, use bold keywords a few times,  you can ask a lot of questions in your content which could grab the attention of your readers, ending the content with conclusion and etc.
  • Avoid using a lot of pop ups as it will disrupt user experience and lead to higher bounce rates. However, some well designed pop-ups may convert visitors into long term readers and may improve conversion rates.
  • Make a strong call to action if you have attracted visitors and built interest with content and to improve conversions makes sure that your call to action is compelling.
  • Always update your blogs with fresh content as it will always yield the best return on investment by generating more and more leads. A good and powerful content will certainly evoke a wow reaction from the readers and establish a trust between your visitors and your brand.
  • In order to improve your search performance, start targeting high value keywords as keywords can make or break your content marketing.
  • Make content strategy that could attract the right visitors to your site and so could improve your bounce rates. While choosing a right content strategy you can focus on some ideas such as in non internet related industries like entertainment, health and finance shorter and informative articles often perform better on the social media platforms whereas in the internet marketing world lengthy articles are considered high quality.
  • You need to write attractive Meta descriptions for search users as it will result into higher click through rate. While writing Meta description you must take care that it should not be too long as if the descriptions will be lengthy then it will not show in the search results pages.

Apart from the above mentioned steps, you can also focus on some major steps such as creating more landing pages based on high value keywords that people are searching for, creating multiple landing pages for high volume keywords, including the target keyword in your Meta description, make your customers hero if you want your story to be memorable and truly lead to business growth, you can captivate the minds of your target audience members and etc. These are really very much helpful in reducing the bounce rates. If you want to learn these all then it is advisable to take the assistance of “The best institute of professional digital marketing course in Janakpuri”.

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