Web Analytics Trends of 2018

Web Analytics Trends of 2018

What is web analytics?

Web analytics can be defined as a wide range of web metrics measuring and tracking applications helpful in the process of measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting the behavior of the visitors in the website so that the interaction of the customer with the website could be understood. Web analytics is used to gain insight about the likes or dislikes of customers. This further helps in increasing the traffic of the website. It is true that web analytics tools are playing an important role in developing your business whether big or small but the use of various web analytics tools are not easy. You should get needed help from “The Institute of  MBA in Digital Marketing Course in Delhi”.

Importance of web analytics

Web analytics plays an important role in growing your business no problem even it is a small one. It is helpful in providing you the detail information of your customers so that you could optimize your content according to users’ interest. This information may be related to the user’s behavior, age, demographics, gender, the source of traffic and etc. The various web analytics tool can be used to collect, analyze and visualize the data on your website. The data provided by web analytics helps you to improve your website’s performance and conversion rates.

  1. Web analytics will help you to track where your web traffic is coming from and what kind of blog posts, topics and pages attract the most traffic.
  2. It let you know that what day of the week is the busiest in terms of traffic and what kinds of keywords people are typing into search engines to arrive at your website.
  3. The data provided by the web analytics will be helpful in determining that which kinds of content will best serve the online audience.
  4. It is helpful in making informed decisions regarding the types of eBooks, online courses and etc that you want to offer to your viewers.
  5. Web analytics will give you the insight about keywords to be used to target for Google Adwords.
  6. Web analytics provides the chance to improve the functionality of your website.
  7. Web analytics tools help to get the vital e-commerce metrics which includes the sales report, report of total revenue, conversion rates report, report of top products and etc.

What will happen if a website doesn’t have web analytics?

If your website is without web analytics then you will not be able to understand how to find potential customers. This will give you an insight into the behavior of the individuals who once visit your site which ultimately help your company to create an effective internet marketing plan. Without web analytics companies will only ruin their resources by investing a large amount in ineffective marketing channels.

Trends of web analytics in the year 2018

Web analytics market is growing at the whopping 15% and this growth is only going to increase in the coming year. Several new trends will emerge in the year 2018 and onwards in this field and many major players of this field are joining their hands together to connect sales, marketing, and advertising data so a full view could be produced regarding what’s working across the client’s ads, websites, emails, call centers and more. The major players of web analytics are Google Inc, IBM Corporation, and FaceBook INC, Webtrends corp., Yahoo, Hoot suite Inc, SAS Institute, Microsoft Inc and etc.

1. The emergence of the e-commerce market will dominate the web analytics market.

The rising application of web analytics trends in the retail and e-commerce sector has given a big boost to the retail sector. The use of multiple marketing strategies along with the advances in web analytics technology has made it easy to reach a large number of customers and influencing them.

 2.  The emergence of AI-assisted technology

The coming years will see the growth in the use of automated and AI-assisted technology in decision making regarding customer’s preferences by uncovering insights in large data volumes. The use of AI technology will give opens up the door of new services. The deployment of AI technology will increase by more than 30 % as most of the companies will take interest in using this technology efficiently.

3. The emergence of some new hot jobs in the market

The jobs for data engineers and chief data officers take a great boom in the world of web analytics as they will be in great demand to innovate with data no matter whether it is through analytics embedded in internal business processes or through new external data enabled products and services.

4. Adoption of public cloud first strategy by enterprises

According to a survey, more than 50% of enterprises will adopt a public cloud first policy in order to get more control over the costs and more flexibility than on-premises software can deliver. The main behind the inclination towards public cloud includes high reliability, lower costs, no maintenance, unlimited scalability and etc. Some of the major public cloud providers to enterprises are Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services.

5. Introduction of new reforms by GDPR

The introduction of new reforms by General data protection regulation in terms of how data is generated, shared, stored and processed will present a great opportunity to companies so they could stay at the forefront of digital transformation and could successfully establish trust with new and existing customers.

In the coming years, you will see several innovations with the technology advancements which ultimately result in a generation of a lot of data and this will lead to the need of real-time data analysis, processing, and optimization. So, it is not surprising that companies are investing in web analytics as they understand that a properly organized and managed data will help in making quick decisions as it provides valuable insights on time and also fully realize the business potential. The use of this data is not an easy thing and you need a deeper understanding of the facts and technicalities. You should learn these technicalities in “The Institute of MBA in digital marketing course in Delhi”.

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