Nowadays, getting the site ranking has become very much important and for that, it is important to know how you get the better ranking for your site. But before that, it is important to understand the ways which can improve the user experience of your website. Website usability means ensuring the accessibility, usability, efficiency, and easiness to eyes. There are few methods that will help you to master the art behind building websites that are able to generate great engagement and user experience and you can master all these techniques in “The Institute of MBA digital marketing course in Kohat”.  The methods which you can use to provide better user experience are the following:

  • Design your website for the users: First of all, you need to research and identify your target audience and then you need to change the structure of your website according to the feedback of your audience.
  • Make UX content strategy: Get your homepage filled with only important details and if you have a lot of information or content to share then you can link to inner pages or add anchors leading to different points on a page, where more information can be found.
  • Make your website easy to follow: If you are making your website, you not only need to establish structure but also need to provide the necessary points a user needs along with creating a flow that makes sense.
  • Along with creating a flow that makes easy to follow your site you must concentrate on visuals which are helpful to keep your visitors interested and focused.
  • Take care about text or content that you are going to paste on your website, it must be according to the rules such as don’t use fonts and use graphical bullet points if there are instructions of some sort.
  • Make your navigation for your website clear, visible and easy to explore.
  • Make sure that your website links which can direct the users where they wish to travel and also provide contact info so that viewers could easily find you.

Apart from following the above steps, it is equally important that you should use some SEO tools which are of immense use if you want to see your website in the top rankings. Getting top ranks in the search engine results will add to the credibility of your business which will ultimately increase the visibility of your brand. Moreover, you can take help from “The Institute of professional digital marketing course in Janakpuri” to get a better understanding of these things. Now, before that you can go through the details of the tools and get the help in improving site ranking:

  1. Moz Pro: being the best online SEO tools, it will enable you to research keywords, help you to identify SEO opportunities and track growth, build reports, optimize the data and etc. You can start using Moz Pro by reactivating your subscription and you can get suggestions on related keywords, can analyze your competitors, can compare multiple keywords, find links and etc.
  2. Buzz stream: Buzz stream will help you to boost your rankings on Google. You can get many benefits from this tool which includes automatic research of influencers, email creation, making comprehensive reports, conversion tracking and etc.
  3. Night Watch: Being the advanced SEO rank tracker and analytical tool, this tool not only monitors the ranking but also checks the site and visibility changes and uncovers keyword opportunities. This tool also generates reports that will finally help you to make the best decision for your website and business. Among its several features, it has an innovative filtering technique which performs a complex SEO test to provide you with all data needed to get accurate information about your growth. With the help of this tool, you will become able to analyze keyword and website ranking, search console data, competitors’ ranking and etc.
  4. Screaming Frog: This tool helps in crawling the website you specify and examine the URL for common SEO malware. Apart from this, you can also get many other benefits which can surely improve your site ranking. These benefits are analyzing SEO page titles and metas, find broken links, uncovering duplicate content, integrate with Google analytics, extracting with XPath and review robots and directives.
  5. LinKody: This tool helps you to monitor the local share of your website and connect to Google analytics. With this tool, you will be able to analyze the report of backlinks for your website and disavow bad links that might affect your search engine optimization. It will also help you to generate backlinks reports for your clients.
  6. SpyFu: Being the best auditing tool, Spyfu excels in PPC research and offer new opportunities for campaigns along with that you can also get access to domain searches and keyword searches and can get keywords suggestions also.

There are also several other tools which are of immense use in case you want to improve the ranking of your site. Some of these are Wordtracker scout which by taking a unique approach to keyword shows the most used terms on a page, Lipperhey which get a list of keywords to add to specific pages on your site and ultimately help you to get organic traffic from long tail keywords. Siteliner which scans your site for SEO problems such as blocked pages messed up redirects and broken links, Varvy SEO tool helps you to get access to data that most other tools don’t show you which includes mobile friendliness, missing alt text, HTTPS setup, txt analysis and etc. You can also take the help of simple and accurate rank checker tool Bulk Google Rank checker which makes the process a cinch by enabling you to check up 10 keywords for free, Dareboost is capable to analyze your site for speed, SEO, security and etc, also you can take the help of Bing Webmaster tools if you want to get your site indexed and ranked in Bing. An important point which can often come in your mind is that how one can get benefitted from these entire if one is not aware of technicalities of these tools. But it all becomes very simple if you are ready to join “The best institute of digital marketing in Janakpuri”.

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