Google is the most popular and used web browser worldwide and this could be easily understood by the features people are getting such as its swift performance, clean interface and easy syncing with mobile devices. It also provides plenty of extensions that are quite useful and downloading these extensions will make your Google chrome better. Extensions could be understood as small apps that are able to add extra features to a web browser. The students of digital marketing course feel very much comfortable to understand these terms. So, it is necessary for you to know the extensions which are the following:

Last Pass: Free Password manager: It often becomes difficult to remember your password for multiple websites as it can be a hassle. This extension makes it easy for you to remember these passwords. After installing this extension, you need to enter your credentials for websites you’d like the Last Pass to remember.LastPass create a different strong password for every site and then store it locally in an encrypted vault. It helps you by filling web forms and login automatically as required. The only thing you need to do is to remember a single master password and rest will be done by LastPass.

Stay focused: It is easy to get distracted by Facebook, Twitter and the countless news articles flooding the web each day if your job involves sitting in a front of a computer screen all day and so stay focused is designed in such a way that it could help you to avoid distractions or enjoy them in moderation as you can set a specific time restriction on certain websites.

TinEye: TinEye’s reverse image search makes it easy for you to find the source of a picture which was proved difficult to get. This extension is very fast and makes the searches available in only a couple of clicks. It becomes easy to find originals, higher version resolutions or checking for online fakes as it focuses on the closest possible matches instead of just similarity.

Flash Tabs: This chrome helps you to study along with fulfilling your other responsibilities as it will show you a flashcard each time you launch a new tab in chrome.

Just not sorry: Emails are the main source of interacting with bosses, colleagues, and other professionals and you can’t afford to be incapable and inefficient to when it comes to emails. This chrome helps you by flagging words and phrases that dilute or undermine what you’re trying to say.

Tab Wrangler: Sometimes, you leave too many tabs open in your browser, but it makes you disoriented and distracted when you’re trying to get work done. Tab Wrangler takes care of your dilemma and automatically closed the tabs after they have been inactive for a designated period of time. Closed tabs are easy to recover also and it only closes tabs that aren’t pinned.

Honey: When your emails with updates and newsletters put into spam by retailers, then it becomes really irritating even if they include coupons. Honey helps you by eliminating this annoyance by pulling up discount codes with the press of a button so that you could have to shift through promotional emails any longer. It works with several shopping sites such as Target, Victoria’s secret, Amazon and etc.

Evernote Web Clipper: Sometimes it happens that you’re working or researching on a project and find yourself distracted by interesting articles. In such circumstances, Evernote web clipper is a fantastic solution to all these problems. It provides you with several features and let you save the entire article or blog in a simplified version without any pictures or formatting an entire page, a screenshot, or just a bookmark. So, whenever you find reading something just you need to click the elephant icon. You can clop in just two clicks if you’re in a hurry. Among its other features, Evernote clipper let you clip a page, screenshot or bookmark by right-clicking a page as it integrates into the context menu. It has also the availability of customizable keyboard shortcuts too.

Save to Pocket: It more likely works much as Evernote Web Clipper as it let you save interesting bits and pieces during the searches which you do every day. Save to pocket is great for web research as it allows you to save web pages, links, images, files, and more to a central list and results are syncs automatically across your devices. So, if you’re adding pages or links on your phone, tablet or desktop, these all can be immediately available for browsing on any of the others.

Foxclocks: This chrome extension helps you to know the time of different countries which you can see at the bottom of the browser and helps you to not to miss any important meeting or deadline by an hour. You can access to the locations easily by clicking the button beside your browser’s address bar.

So, apart from all the above mentioned Google Chrome extensions, there are also some other extensions which are equally can be used to make the working smooth. Some of these are Full page screen capture a particularly handy tool for saving WebPages you want to go through offline, Push bullet which send and receive messages and get the notifications for calls in your browsers, Stylish which is very much capable to give a new look with custom color schemes to unattractive pages, Adblock Plus which is very much helpful in blocking ads and tracking cookies for improved speed and accuracy, Lazarus that will help you to avoid the frustration of losing data typed into online forms. These all are very much advanced features that are quite helpful in making your working smooth and hassle-free. However, the students of digital marketing course are well aware of these features but still, it needs to know more and handle it carefully. These all extensions are designed to make your life and working easy but it should be taken into account that downloading too many extensions may hang your pc.


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