Is Page Rank Still the Measure of a Site’s Success

Is Page Rank Still the Measure of a Site’s Success

Meaning and importance of page rank

Being an important part of search engine optimization, Page rank is a link analysis algorithm which is applied by that assigns a number or rank to each hyperlinked web page within the World Wide Web. Google page rank evaluates the quality and quantity of incoming links to a particular webpage which helps to calculate a score for the credibility and authority of a webpage. You can view Page Rank scores using the Google Toolbar and using this Page Rank algorithm Google used to provide page ranking to the sites on a scale of 1-10. The professionals of search engine optimization from “The Institute of professional digital marketing course in Janakpuri”.

Working process of Google Page Rank algorithm

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Mathematical formula or algorithm used in Page Rank only seems to look scary at first but is actually fairly simple to understand. Page Rank measures the importance and significance of a web page. Actually what is the significance of a Page rank could be understood by the following points?

  • Page Rank is used by Google to assign a rank to every search result.
  • It is considered that a page of your website will only appear at the top of the search engine result pages if it will get higher scores.
  • To get higher ranks you need links from quality websites and those websites, in turn, need links from other quality websites. Each link of the quality websites is counted as a vote for the target.
  • However, not all votes are counted as equal and votes from high ranking web pages are counted more than the vote from low- ranking sites.
  • Along with Page Rank, some other factors also affect scoring which includes the strength of the domain name, the age of the links going to and from the site, a density of the keywords and the noteworthy is that Google tends to place more value on sites that have been around for a while.

The ways through which you can increase Google Page Rank

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You should focus on each and every minute detail if you want to increase your Google Page Rank such as quality link building and Backlinks, proper internal linking structure, correct use of no follow, publishing high-quality content, updating the content of website regularly, providing a good user experience and etc. You should focus on regular backlink analysis to discover links pointing to your site and for that, you can use various free online tools such as SEMrush which makes it easy for you to identify opportunities to increase brand awareness and also generate ideas for more traffic. SEMrush is very much effective in solving your most of the SEO related problems. This tool is effective in increasing traffic and monitors backlink usage and analytics and not only this it will enable to improve your Pay-Per-click efforts as you can easily get to know which keywords are working and which are not. The tools like SEMrush is also able to give you an insight regarding your social media sights as it provided you with a dashboard which visualizes your audience and engagement changes on social media over time. This feature finally helps you to discover your best performing posts. You can make your strategies against your competitors accordingly. Another valuable tool you can bank upon is Moz Pro as it provides an insight into the selection and tracking of keywords. Moz Pro is helpful in optimizing your pages by using intelligent site crawls, finding link opportunities, creating custom reports and etc. Google analytics which is a widely used web analytics services provides a comprehensive view of website traffic and user behavior allowing you to review campaigns by tracking conversions. You can identify poor performing pages by using the features like funnel visualization. You can also generate profitable sources of backlinks by tracking referrals and monitoring how long a visitor stays on the site. Real-time data produced by Google analytics help you to study the behavior and demographics of people on your site which is beneficial for the successful implementation of a marketing strategy. The other free tools which are equally beneficial are Ahrefs, SEOJet, Google search console, Majestic, Woorank and etc. However, the benefits are many which you can get by using these tools but you can’t implement if you don’t have expertise in search engine optimization. You can take help from the digital marketing professionals of “The Institute of professional digital marketing course in Janakpuri”.

How you can optimize your website for page rank?

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Content development is the thing upon which you have to focus more but it must be high quality and don’t forget to mention or share it on the social media sites as this will be helpful to create an awareness about your company. Useful and attractive contents help you get the more people attracted towards your product and services. Always take care that your content should be fresh and relevant as it establishes your brand’s authority. Proper usage of the keywords and on-page SEO tactics will make your work easy. The other point of importance is to provide your website with more link juice or link authority or backlink authority which can be referred to as the SEO value of a link from a particular website. If off page search engine optimization has been done correctly then it gives your website an authority and positively impacts its quality score. Social media shares and brand mentions if comes from quality sites then it provides value. The value of these high-quality links can’t be ignored and also inbounds links to your sites and links in your content to other pages on your site is also very much value in creating high Page Rank points.

Google go through millions of page results and put the most relevant ones on the top of search engine result pages so users could be satisfied. It is a difficult task to rank the best results first. Google uses a complex algorithm of over 200 ranking factors to analyze the results which include relevancy, content quality, user experience and etc. Page Rank is no longer public but its relevancy is still there which need to be understood properly. The complexities of this field could only be understood with the help of professionals from The Institute of professional digital marketing course in Janakpuri”.


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