How You can Add Google Analytics to WP Related Posts

How You can Add Google Analytics to WP Related Posts

It is important to learn how to add Google analytics to word press but before going through the process it is important for us to know about what is Google analytics. What are its features? Why do we need Google analytics and so? So, first of all, we will get into the details one by one. However, these terms are very much easy to understand if you are a digital marketing professional. You can join “The best institute of advanced digital marketing course in Janakpuri” as they have the expert people of this field who could help you to make your career in this field.

Definition and need for Google analytics

Google analytics is a free web analytics tool which is provided by Google so you could track your digital marketing effectiveness. You can analyze the details of visitors to your website in detail by using Google analytics. The insights given by this tool is helpful to make your business strategy successful. Even being free Google analytics provide you with important information, numbers, and statistics that you need to maximize the performance of your website. Google analytics help you with the automatic collection of data. Google analytics is basically geared toward small and medium-sized retail websites.  The service provided by Google analytics has some limitations which makes it less suitable for more complex websites and larger enterprises. Google analytics has several features which have made it very reliable. These features include data visualization tools which include a dashboard, scorecards and motion charts displaying changes in data over time, segmentation for the analysis of subsets such as conversions, custom reports, e-mail based sharing, and communication and its integration with other Google products such as Adwords, public data explorer , website optimizer and etc.  Google analytics cater various needs for the growth of the businesses but we will discuss some of the important ones among them.

If you have the knowledge about the concepts and perceptions of your customer so you can deliver better services to them and in turn and can earn more profit and this is what Google analytics exactly does for you. The information provided by Google analytics is very much valuable for giving you the understanding of your customer’s behavior, what they are looking for and whether their needs are properly addressed by your business.

Google analytics takes you to the grassroots of where your visitor source is from.

If you have the knowledge about the visitors of your website or business then you could make better business strategies. Suppose if your online store is witnessing more visitors on mobiles then you can invest to optimize mobile app so more customers could be drawn in.

Gives insight about the geographical base of the customer and helps in the segmentation of your customer base.

If you will get the information where your customers are from then you can formulate marketing strategies and solutions addressing the frustrating points of your consumers. Suppose you have the business of mineral waters then your maximum customers base would the areas where is an acute shortage of water. Also, this helps you to gauge and classify your customers on certain needs.

You can track the effectiveness of your campaigns

If you have a business then you’ll definitely be looking for more and more customers and to get this you may have also created many promotional campaigns to reach out to your customers. When you create a campaign then it becomes necessary to know the effectiveness of your campaigns so you could do further innovations to get more customers or leads. Google analytics is very much effective in this.

You can get insights into competitor analysis

The stats provided by Google analytics gives you an insight into the number of visitors your competitor is acquiring and accordingly you can compare if your website is producing enough engaging content to beat the competition.

Provides understanding about content

The data presented by Google analytics help you to keep a track of what content receives viewership and social shares in a large number and so you could streamline your content in such a way that it not only attracts the customers but also suit to their needs.

Google analytics is much helpful to provide you with the data that why your visitors are bouncing off your site along with giving you an insight about the social media platform to target so you could advertise to your customers and could get the more traffic.

Among the several ways adding Google analytics to WordPress we will discuss 3 main steps but before that, you need to sign up to Google analytics by heading over to the Google analytics homepage but if you already have a Google account then you can simply use it to log in it. After then, you will be given a choice between a mobile app and website and you should choose the website. After that, you have to insert your details in boxes such as account name, website name, industry category and etc. Once you have done, you will have to agree with the terms and conditions of Google analytics in the step and then click on tracking ID to continue under Admin>Tracking info>Tracking code. You have to add this tracking code to your website.

Adding Google analytics to word press

  1. As the first step, you can insert your tracking code to your site is by adding it to your header and in this way, it will load on every page. You can use the child theme to make changes to theme files as header.php as it has the most standard themes which are responsible for site header section. Further, you have to simply copy the header.php from the main theme and start editing it. After then you should copy and paste the tracking code from Google analytics into it right before </head> bracket and then after making sure that the code is wrapped in <script> save and upload the file back to your server.
  2. You can use functions.php as another way to add Google analytics to your word press.
  3. As a third option, you can add Google analytics to your word press is to create your own plugin as it gives you the ability to switch tracks on and off as and when required.

In the end, implementing all these steps is not so simple and you need to take the help of experts. “The best institute of advanced digital marketing course in Janakpuri” the professionals who have expertise in this field and can help you at every step.

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