As we know the digital world is growing leaps and bound and also it is complex, volatile and massive. It has totally changed the scenario of businesses all over the world whether big or small. Nowadays, each and every company is eager to make its presence online. If you have not yet taken it seriously then you are wrong. There are several methods and strategies in digital marketing that can be successfully applied to get your business to increase in volume. The different strategies and initiatives of digital marketing can be learned by going through the digital marketing course. The execution of strategies and initiatives of digital marketing are very simple and are very much capable to scale up the productivity of your business. The digital marketing tools, software and application available in the market are in thousands.

The knowledge of these tools is also necessary to enhance the quality of your content as it is needed to improve search engine optimization. But writing a good and quality content is not an easy thing. It is a continuous process which needs rigorous practice to make the content attractive and useful. There are so many people who have grown their business through blogging and many people are living a luxurious life solely making blogging their profession and promoting and making a good social network. However, it is necessary to have knowledge of blogging tools that can help you to make your content better. It is easy to get the knowledge of these tools through a digital marketing course. But, you can get the knowledge of these things through other sources also. Some of these tools are the following:

Google Docs: There is a huge list of blog content writing tools that bloggers can use for their benefit and these have been proved of immense use for them. A Google doc is one of them. Google docs have several advanced features which is of much use such as you don’t need to install software on your computer. It makes you able to easily create and export documents as PDFs along with making it easy to store documents on the clouds and accessing them from another computer anywhere in the world. Although it has limited document support, yet it is user friendly and save a lot of time when writing blog posts by conducting a quick search for right data in the workplace and or that you have to follow some very easy steps as you have to go to the tools menu and click on the “Research “tab and from there you can search for anything including scholar, quotes, images, personal, dictionary and etc.

 Fyrebox: It is a free tool that is very useful for quiz purpose as quizzes are an example of interactive content that can attract your target audience if it takes care of customers’ wants and needs. We post various kind of content on websites to get the attraction of the audience and to increase the traffic. But this is not enough as these are limited ways to bring them into the conversation. However, the interactive form of content such as quizzes, calculators, configurators, assessment tools, games, contests, and workbooks connects with the user by making them active but creating a variety of content for blogs is one of the biggest challenges that content marketers often face and the only solution for their problems is Fyrebox. You have to follow very steps to create interactive and useful quizzes as first of all; you have to click on “create a quiz for free” on the Fyrebox homepage. In the next step, you have to create an account by filling out your personal information by clicking on “Create Account”.Then, choose the quiz template by clicking the template placeholder to begin. Then, choose a pre-made quiz. Thereafter, you can select your preferences and edit your questions and answers accordingly. Spread your quizzes on every social media platform as a lot of brands and startups use these quizzes to grow their social presence along with increasing revenue and generating qualified leads.

Sendible: You have to pay attention to social media activities if you want to get the benefits of blogging. Your blogs will be of no use if you are not going to blast it on social media channels. Sendible is the best tool for this purpose as it is able to manage your social networks along with scheduling messages, engaging your audiences and measuring return on investment. It has in-depth reporting and analytics and allows a large number of integrations with the latest social media networks.

Hubspot’s blog topic generator: The headline or the title of your content holds the most important place in content marketing as it has the capability to captivate the audience. So, it is very important to select an attractive and relevant title that could attract your audience. Hubspot’sblog topic generator is a free and time-saving tool that is great use and can help you with this crucial task. You have to follow very simple steps to get the right blog content and headlines ideas for your content. In the first step, you have to plug your target your keywords in the blanks and then click “Give me blog title topics”. Then, you could easily get the blog topics and choose the most relevant you find.

Apart from all the above tools, some other tools are also there which are of much use for the bloggers. Trello is also one of the tools that provide a free visual way of organizing projects with your team and is quite time-saving. Trello is quite fast as it makes you able to see everything about your project in a single project. Another is LinkedIn plus which is best for professionals and business people. It is used to write, publish and distribute high-quality content to the right audience by the writers, bloggers, and industry experts. It will provide you with exposure to a lot of people that you won’t be able to reach through other social media channels. The most important factor is that the digital marketing course can give you the full knowledge of all these.

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