Are Social Signals One of Google’s Ranking Factors

Are Social Signals One of Google’s Ranking Factors

Before diving deep into the topic, we have to look into the several factors that Google consider for ranking the sites. Over the last decades, as the social media sites have gained popularity the debate over there of these being one of Google’s ranking factors is also raging on and off. There is hot debate among the search engine experts as some are of view that the likes of FaceBook and shares of Twitter are playing a vital role in boosting a website’s position in the search engine result pages while some other digital marketers thought that these social signals have nothing to do with website’s organic search performance. However, we have to go through the ranking factors of Google carefully but understanding these factors and their application is not an easy thing. You should fetch skilled people from “The top institute of advanced digital marketing course in Janakpuri”.

Some of Google’s ranking factors that need to be discussed are the following

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  1. Factors related with domains: Domain factors include domain age, keywords that appear in top-level domains acts as relevancy signal to boost the traffic, domains starting with their target keywords get an edge over other sites and keyword that appear in the subdomain is able to boost the ranking. Some other factors related to domains affecting rankings are domain history, exact match domain, domain registration length and etc.
  2. Factors related with page level: page level factors also played an important role in Google’s rankings. These factors include keyword in title tag which remains an important search engine optimization signal, title tags starting with a keyword performs better than title tags having keywords at the end, keyword in description tag impacts click through rate which is a key ranking factor, keywords appearing in H1 tags are used by Google as a secondary relevance signal , length of content is correlated with search engine result pages position, linked table of contents is helpful giving Google a better understanding of your page’s content ,page covers topic in-depth affect Google rankings, loading speed is considered as a ranking factor both by Google and Bing, page loading speed via chrome user data is also used as a ranking factor, duplicate content affect negatively a site’s search engine visibility, page’s content matching the entity that a user searching for then the page gets a ranking boost,  proper use of Re=canonical prevent Google from penalizing your site for duplicate content, image optimization is also a very relevant signal for ranking boost and the list doesn’t end here it also includes the factors such as content recency, prominence of keywords, magnitude of content updates, outbound link quality and theme, helpful supplementary content and etc.
  3. Factors related with site-level: site level factors highly affect the rankings and it includes contents providing value and unique insights, sites having the contact us page providing an appropriate amount of contact information gets a better ranking boost, a well put together site architecture and site updates helps to get you better rankings by Google and etc.
  4. The other factors considered by Google to provide your site a better ranking are forum links, usages of direct boost the ranking and helps your website to appear at the top in search engine result pages, reciprocal links, a natural link profile rank higher, link from authority sites and etc.

The factors are much more which Google consider before providing the ranking to your websites than what had been discussed above and this is really very much hectic getting your site at the top of search engine result pages. However, this work could become easy with the help of digital marketing professionals. These professionals can be fetched from “The top institute of advanced digital marketing course in Janakpuri”.

Now, the most important question on which we were discussing was if social media is really affecting Google’s rankings and if yes then how it is helpful for search engine optimization efforts.

  • The social media sites have much potential for links as if you are posting more content on social media there is greater chance that people are watching it and sharing it. A case study on a food company revealed that it achieved more than 140,000 FaceBook shares to a web page and its ranking shot up at the top. This example itself reveals that social media is affecting Google rankings.
  • You need to build an audience and social media is very much effective in this as it has worldwide reached. With the ease of sharing, social media is the best way through which you can not only build your web presence but also could quickly build an audience.
  • It is known that click-through rates impact search engine rankings and as social media is helpful in building brand awareness and so it increases the possibility that people will click on the content of your brand in Google’s search results.
  • Social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and etc are very much effective in positively influencing your SEO. Don’t forget the power of Youtube as the second most searched search engine and to use it you can create videos which are not only influential in promoting your products but also lead to links and create the opportunity for your videos to get the ranking in the search engine result pages.

It is clear that social media really affect Google’s rankings and you can’t ignore it. But, for a moment if you want to make yourself believe that social media doesn’t affect rankings even then you have to accept it that social media is one of the best ways to promote your brand and be found online and even if you have little knowledge of search engine optimization then be found online is all about it. You should use social media sites to promote your brand and create awareness among the target audience but for that, you should have the knowledge about social media “The top institute of advanced digital marketing course in Janakpuri” is a great place which is providing unique knowledge to the professionals of this field.

Social media sites are influencing people and markets all over the world. The power of these channels can no longer be ignored and those who have understood the usefulness of these channels are using it effectively in making people aware of their products. They are creating all the strategies which can help them to get the better rankings by engaging a large number of audiences. You can make engaging and humorous content but it should be kept in mind that the content you are posting must be of high quality. The digital marketing professionals could help you in a much better way if you will take their help. “The top institute of advanced digital marketing course in Janakpuri” is an incredible institute which provides the best services in this field.

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