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Top 5 Compelling Reasons to Use Twitter Ads to Promote Your Business

Social networking sites are the new buzz especially in the field of internet marketing because it has inadvertently created a unique and a specific way to combine the various source of information which is beneficial for the various entrepreneurs.

Twitter is one of the great and powerful social media platform used by various entrepreneurs who do not want to miss even a single opportunity. With a 313 million active users, Twitter has grown tremendously over the past few years and thus building the opportunities gap and helping the users to interact with the brand directly or follow their favorite persons and stay updated.

Despite some problems, “Twitter” in some cases and context is the best social ad platform where you can accomplish any of the tasks. Though there are various social ad platforms like Facebook, Bing, Google Ad, etc with fantastically superb features but, “Twitter” offers some of the unique, specific and audience targeting features which make him stand out of the rest.

Twitter may appear complex to some of the entrepreneurs when they used it first but, the etiquette and the best practices of Twitter often leave business owners overwhelmed and fascinated. Here, in this blog, we are summarizing some of the unique features which make Twitter more superior to other social networking sites.

Low Cost Per Click

Twitter literally offers the low CPC/cost per click. The best part of this is that you can even get clicks for the pennies. The price is totally based on auction and has everything which people are willing to pay. Due to the lack of the competition, the advertiser will find a very easy and cheap life which simply means that one can bid in pennies.

Tailored Audiences

The “Bird Song Analytics” tool will help the digital marketers to easily download the list of the every follower. With the help of this tool, you can easily create your own tailored audience list. This is the hidden gem of the Twitter and you can target every Twitter user who follows the specific account.

Unlike the Facebook, you can create your own tailored audience list as the biggest stumbling block in the Facebook is you need the email ids and the phone number to target the audience. While on the other hand, you need an only Twitter handler to create your own targeted tailored audience list.

Tweet Engager Targeting

The hidden gem of the Twitter advertising is the “Tweet Engager Targeting”. With the help of this, you can target and reach to the targeted audience in a much remarkable way. In this form of advertising, you will simply remarket to people who recently saw your tweet or are engaged in your tweet.

Keyword Targeting

One of the best ways to engage with the targeted customers and create more and more leads through the local tweet is “Keyword Phrase”. This is the unique way to reach the targeted audience who would benefit from the services or the products.Twitter allows you to particularly target the specific group of people by just using the hashtag. Though facebook and Twitter are both the social networking but the main difference between the two is Facebook is topic targeting while the Twitter is keyword targeting.

Pay for Performance

The best part of the “Twitter” is you only pay when you have achieved the objective. Whether your goal is website conversion or to engagement, you will only pay when you have achieved your target. The same rule follows all over the twitter.

Even if you run a campaign, you will only pay when you have achieved the target. Even the Facebook and Linkedin offer the same but, Twitter is far superior for lead generation.

“Twitter believes in delivering the exact what you want. ” Click To Tweet

Summary: Although Twitter has smaller reach as compared to Facebook. But, the true digital marketer knows the importance of Twitter and also knows that the Twitter’s biggest weakness is Twitter’s biggest strength. The tailored audience and hashtag are the dynamite for the creative marketers.

The smaller reach than Facebook does not mean that you can not squeeze out the great return for your investment.

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