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13 Best Facebook Advertising Techniques to Follow in 2017

The social media is the most powerful tool in the digital marketing if utilized properly. There are plenty of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but, among them, Facebook is the ultimate tool to target the audience and to increase the sales. Here, in this blog, we are discussing the advanced Facebook Advertising Techniques You Probably don’t know about Facebook publicizing. There are multiple techniques and all are very effective.

Top  Best Facebook Advertising Techniques to Follow in 2017

1. Utilizing “Pages to Watch”

Facebook has a truly cool element called “Pages to Watch.

It’s not something used for showcasing straightforwardly, but rather it can give some supportive experiences to help in the advertising.

Long story short, you can arrange a rundown of pages you’re keen on alongside examination.

2. Post pictures by means of Instagram

Here’s a little trick.

As opposed to posting pictures specifically on Facebook, post them on Instagram.


A review from Buzzsumo found that “pictures posted by means of Instagram get 23% greater engagement.

3. Forget the hashtags

Yes, hashtags are well and great in specific circumstances.

Truth be told, they’re very valuable on the platforms, like, Instagram and Twitter.

But, it is less on effective Facebook.

A similar review from Buzzsumo found that posts with hashtags got less engagement than posts without.

4. Post between 10 p.m. and midnight local time

You have already realized that planning and timing are fundamental and crucial especially on the social media.

Regardless of the possibility that you post a perfect work of art, it’ll have just a minor effect if your targeted audience never really observes it.

It’ll get shuffled to the bottoms of their other posts.

From Buzzsumo, the perfect time to post is between 10 p.m. to the midnight local time.

There are two primary reasons why.

  • In the first place, there are fewer individuals posting content, which implies not so much rivalry but rather more visibility.
  • Second, there are sufficient individuals still alert and dynamic on Facebook to make it worth your time.

5. Utilizing “Audience Insights”

The “Audience Insights” highlight is ideal for helping to get the perfect and detailed preview of your visitors so that you can oblige them more productively and make significant content based on their interests.

Furthermore, the significance is basic since it, at last, expands your effect and builds your ROI.

You can get data on:

  • Age
  • Way of life
  • Gender
  • Education level
  • Work title

6. Embedded Videos

Thinking of embedding a Youtube video in your post, but, this is a wrong step.

This is simply due to the fact that “Facebook directly embedded videos gets more engagement rather than the Youtube embedded videos.”

7. Work videos as your core strategy

All of us agree that videos are more powerful and even some of us believe that 2016 is the year of videos.

In spite of this, Facebook videos account only 3% of the content. This will be the great opportunity to utilize the power of videos.

8. “Crowdsource” your business choices

You’re likely acquainted with the expression “crowdfunding,” where capital is raised with commitments from a substantial number of individuals.

You can apply the same idea to Facebook with “crowdsourcing” key choices.

Here are a few cases:

  • Request your targeted audience to pick your fresh out of the box new’s logo
  • Ask which new Facebook background to use for your Facebook profile

This is cool because of the fact that:

  • It tells your audience that you’re really inspired by them, and
  • it acts as a natural catalyst for engagement.

The least demanding approach to crowdsourcing is to make surveys in which individuals can vote.

9. Hold posts under 150 characters long

Less is best as far as Facebook character check.

In fact, treat the Facebook like Twitter – only 150 characters at max for a post.


It’s straightforward and simple. Shorter Facebook posts get significantly more engagement than longer ones.

10. Add CTA catches to your Facebook advertisements

Here’s an interesting fact:

“The average advertising click-through rate on Facebook is 0.9%.”

But “adding a CTA button can lift your click-through rate by 2.85 times.

Simply think about the long term affect this can have on your campaign.

11. Utilizing “Facebook Groups” for group building

You may have heard Seth Godin discuss the significance of groups or “tribes” as he calls them.

It’s a basic part of brand building.

It’s a considerable measure like LinkedIn Groups where you make a particular group based around a key theme of interest (as a rule your specialty).

This is advantageous for a few distinct reasons:

  • It reinforces your connections
  • It helps you create the new ones
  • It builds brand equity
  • It encourages collaboration
  • You can increase significant intel

12. Pin your most epic post

Another option which is quite valuable in the facebook advertisement is “Pin” posts to your timelines.

That way, Facebook clients see your best content once they arrive on your page.

13. A/B test your promotions with Qwaya

We won’t approach you or disturb you how much is the A/B testing is essential. You will probably know that.

In short, it is the door to maximize the conversions or for cleaning the inefficiencies in general. But the question arises, how can you perform A/B Testing on Facebook?

Well, the answer is using the Qwaya.

It’s an awesome Facebook advertisement chief that will help you take things to the following level.

Though, Facebook is overloaded these days because of the fact that it is the oldest player in the field of social media but, Facebook is not going anywhere anytime.

Just going beyond the basics and swimming in the deeper level will surely help you in achieving the whatever goals you want in the year 2017 for your business or organizations.

Follow the right formula and you will have the rainfall of the quality leads and with the right and proper approach you can convert the visitors into the potential customers for forever.

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