Google Owl Project Search New Update: What You Need To Know

Google announced some major changes to fight against fake news and problematic content which keep polluting its search engine. Project Owl is Google’s inside identity for its efforts to fight back on tricky searches. This name is not picked by Google for any specific reason.

The idea of an Owl as a symbol of knowledge. Problematic searches may involve fake news, unfair content, rumors, conspiracies, and myths. They involve awful and unpleasant content. Project Owl is an effort of Google to address these issues with few specific actions:

Google is launching a new feedback form for search suggestions and also some policies about why suggestions might be removed.



It is launching a new feedback form for “Featured Snippets” answer.



A new emphasis on authoritative content to boost search quality.


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Why is Google making Changes?

The Search individual has been under fire for search results which show false, offensive and shocking information about certain topics. As this information are unusual, like when people started their search on women or related to their group, then google would suggest queries like Women are like cats and Why are Women so dumb?  And it would have a negative media attention. Even Google does not like to interfere in its rules because Google is supposed to find the most helpful answer to the search. That’s why Google decided to take action against it.

Google’s New Implementation where an individual can report things?

In Google biggest auto complete function, where the search engines suggest completing the query. First time if Google encounters something wrong or objectional then there is a little line which says report inappropriate predictions.  On clicking these lines people can report problems. These changes go into effect by today.

In past, Google results may have given high ranking to a site with inappropriate information, it could still happen but the new focus is on “Authoritative” sites. Google has been paying quality raters to review and improve search results.

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