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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INTERNET MARKETING (NIIM) is a Digital Marketing Center specialized in the advanced digital marketing course specially designed for everyone....

What You Learn With Us?

Each business is different and requires a tailored digital marketing strategy in order to achieve the goals. There is no one size fits all approach in internet marketing strategy.

digital marketing course strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Each business is different and requires a tailored digital marketing strategy in order to achieve the goals...

web designing and development

Website Designing and Development

  • The website is at the core of internet marketing. Students start off by learning about the internet ...


Search Engine Optimization

  • Search engine optimization is the crux of internet marketing, encompassing a variety of techniques and strategies all...

ppc course

Pay Per Click Advertising Google/Bing/Facebook

  • Pay Per Click Advertising does in the short term what SEO is expected to do in the long term.

mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile marketing is gaining in importance as a way of targeted internet marketing due to increase in the number of people.

google analytics training

Google Analytics

  • Anyone engaged in search engine optimization and internet marketing must be intimately familiar with Google Analytics.

online display advertising

Online Display Advertising

  • Text is appealing but display ads online have even more impact since one can incorporate text, graphics, flash animations and videos.

email marketing

Email Marketing

  • Students learn all these and get to know tips and tricks that will help them optimize email marketing performance.

e-commerce marketing

E-commerce Marketing

  • You learn about the ecommerce scenario in India and in the world and the future prospects. . .

online lead generation

Online Lead Generation

  • Business has become global in nature. It has also remained local as in the case of shop keepers and service providers.

blogging and content marketing

Blogging and Content Marketing

  • Blogging is one of the most effective ways to gain a unique online reputation and to market content in the process.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

  • Using social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Facebook as prime marketing tools is the core of this module.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

  • Students learn all about affiliate marketing and how they can apply it personally as well as for clients in order to promote sales.

make money online

Different Ways to Make Money Online

  • it has not only enriched our storehouse of knowledge but it also has become a pathway to enrich ourselves.

online reputation management

Online Reputation Management

  • As your reputation and brand image grows so does the need to safeguard the reputation you have gained through hard work.

Grab Freelancing Project

  • Business has become global in nature. It has also remained local as in the case of shop keepers and service providers.



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Not everyone has the same objective when they pursue our course. We have therefore designed our internet marketing course to suit specific people and help them become more proficient and thus achieve their goal. We have full, comprehensive advanced course for fresh graduates who wish to go on to become career professionals in digital marketing. Our courses are just as suited for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own online enterprises (Shopclues, OLA, PayTm, Flipkart, Zomato are a few of the online sites founded by ex-students). We have courses for senior people who wish to add to their existing skill sets by becoming proficient in internet and digital marketing. They can pursue courses at leisure, online or offline.

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We are India's one of the most prominent institutes with the latest curriculum developed by industry experts.

We have professional staff with years of industry experience in all aspects of internet and digital marketing, committed to teaching students all the finer aspects that will help you become a productive professional from day one.

You get the benefit of professional certifications when you complete our course, giving you better career chances and standing in professional community.